Bridgeport is a family oriented community with newly established outdoor recreational facilities that routinely host large baseball and soccer tournaments (as well as local play).

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Clarksburg is the heart and history of Harrison County. It is the home of the late General Stonewall Jackson and Coach Jimbo Fisher. The historical ties of the city are still strong; as the town still hosts over 1,000 people per year at the Italian Heritage Festival downtown.

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Located right outside city limits of this rural community is the Harrison Power Station operated by First Energy, one of the nation’s largest, cleanest coal-fired generating plants employing over 230 people. This rural community is home to Lumberport-Shinnston Gas Company with 170 miles of natural gas distribution pipeline serving 3340 customers.

Nutter Fort

Nutter Fort is a community branched off of Clarksburg, WV. It is most known for hosting the annual Blackberry Festival every August. Nutter Fort is a place where business and community grow together. There is a strong presence of small business and helping hands that epitomizes the county and state.


Salem is along historic Route 50 West before crossing county lines. It is home to Salem International University, the county’s only traditional higher education university. Salem has much to offer in helping Harrison County continue improving by educating the workforce right at home.


The town of Shinnston is a small American town. Shinnston and their surrounding communities have revamped downtown Shinnston through rehabilitation and began “Wind Down Wednesdays” that draws large crowds into the community to relax over beverages, food and music. Local business is growing and Shinnston is on the rise.

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The Community of Stonewood offers affordable housing within a rich community, yet minutes away from urban amenities.  Industrial areas help employ over 1000 in this community of approximately 1900 people.

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